Spa Concept Founded in Family: Director of Franchise Development & Family Sign for Territory in Chanhassen, Minnesota

Sarah Moudry joined our corporate team in September 2020 as the Director of Franchise Development and quickly learned our business model and how it set us apart from other franchise concepts. Fast forward almost a year, and her family has signed for a territory in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Hand & Stone is founded on family values and when a family is interested in partnering with us, we make sure that it is the right decision for both parties. After learning about Sarah’s family’s experience in business management and the health and wellness space, it was clear that they would be a perfect fit for spa ownership.

Sam Tacca: What’s your background and why did you decide to invest in Hand & Stone?

Sarah Moudry: I dreamed of owning multiple businesses, as early as I can remember. I studied strategic communication at the University of Minnesota, but found my passion for business development and franchising, working for multiple franchise companies-Including Self Esteem Brands, Lift Brands, and ZIPS Dry Cleaning. With this experience, I discovered what I was looking for in a business. I’ve been a student of franchising for 15 years and Hand & Stone stood out among the thousands of brands I’ve researched.

My family and I started talking seriously about investing in Hand & Stone, April 2021. My family went through the full due diligence process with Sr. Director of Franchising, Nicole Alburger. The process included numerous conversations, a virtual discovery day, and franchise disclosure period. Hand & Stone simply has everything I’ve been looking for in a business model. Including, passionate people, profitability, mission, and industry. All the boxes were checked for me and after going through the process, my family agreed; Hand & Stone is the creme de la creme of franchising! It was finally time to invest in ourselves!

Jill Widness: I was a personal care assistant and nurse for over 30 years. I have since become a holistic nurse and help my loved ones with modalities such as laughter yoga, energy healing, meditation, essential oils, and more. I strongly believe in preventative medicine. After seeing a lot of unnecessary suffering, working in hospitals and nursing homes all these years, I discovered my life’s mission is to help people prevent illness through alternative medicine.

I’ve always been a caregiver and love the fact that Hand & Stone understands the importance of bringing these services to the masses. We all deserve self-care! I’m an extremely active 65-year-old grandmother of 7. I personally use massage and many of these methods to maintain my own health and that’s why the model was is appealing to me, and I ultimately decided to sign on the bottom line.

Shannon Scholettler: I have a social work degree from the University of St. Thomas. I’m also¬†a master barber, wife and, mother of two boys, eight and ten years old. I’ve held my cosmetology certification for almost 17 years. I managed a Roosters Franchise Salon and have also created and sustained a successful small business of my own.

I’m eager to take my management experience to the next level through business ownership. Hand & Stone stood out to me because my sister was working for corporate and couldn’t stop raving about their people and their purpose. I feel aligned with the model on many levels. All the stars are seeming to align for us, and we are excited to open our doors in Chanhassen, Minnesota Spring 2022.

Jeff Widness: I founded HMI a concrete and construction company 48 years ago. I’m always researching investment opportunities, and when Sarah brought Hand & Stone to my attention, it piqued my interest. Jill, Shannon, and I went through the discovery process with Nicole and continued to be excited about the opportunity. On July 11th, 2021, we decided to invest. I decided to invest because I believe in Shannon and Sarah’s abilities and strengths. I’m also a numbers guy and Hand & Stone’s average unit volume and Item 19 are strong and transparent. It was clear to me that Hand & Stone knows what they are doing. I was convinced they will be there to support us every step of the way, and so far so good!

Sam: What are your dreams with the business? What does the future look like?

Jill: First and foremost, we’re excited to build a legacy for our children and grandchildren. We’re excited to pay it forward and see what our family can accomplish. The possibilities seem endless. With Shannon’s operational expertise, Sarah’s franchising knowledge, Jeff’s proven entrepreneur skills and my passion for wellness; I think we have the combination for success in whatever we decide to do. The future seems bright for all.

Sarah: Ideally, in ten years, we’d own multiple Hand & Stone franchises in Minnesota. I love the idea of opening a wellness center with multiple health and wellness brands in one area too. I’m thankful for Jeff believing in us enough to support our entrepreneurial endeavors. This is our first investment but won’t be our last. We plan on having a signature Prince facial, as Chanhassen is where his museum and prior home are.

Shannon: I’m excited to bring quality career opportunities to our community and help locals feel their best. Ideally, we will have multiple locations, but for now, my focus is on making Hand & Stone the best spa in our community, and the top spa in the Hand & Stone’s franchise system. I’m ready to work!

Jeff: I hope to make this investment and others successful in the years to come. It’s been exhilarating learning about franchising and the spa industry. I believe in taking care of each other and growing generational wealth. I’m hopeful about the future and the businesses that we will be involved in the years ahead.