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To ensure a successful and healthy franchise relationship, it’s mutually beneficial for you and the company you franchise with to be the best possible fit for one another. At Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, we want to work with driven owners who share our mission, values, and passion for wellness and self-care. If you are seeking an exciting opportunity that will allow you to grow, thrive, and build a future for yourself, our spa franchise opportunity should be your first choice.

Hand & Stone is more than just a spa – we are a health and wellness business and offer services that are resistant to internet competition. Our membership model allows for predictable and recurring cash flow and our 15+ years of experience ensure our brand will survive as leaders in the wellness industry.

Our massage and skincare spa franchise offers:

  • A differentiated revenue model
  • Advanced technology and unique service offerings
  • Extensive start-up and ongoing support
  • HSM Advertising services
  • A membership model designed to capture repeat customers
  • Internal advertising agency

Our massage and spa franchise is a leader in our industry and stands out from the competition for the reasons above and many more. From being named a 2019 Top Franchise to Own by Forbes to ranking #94 in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, Hand & Stone leads the industry in product quality, customer service, and franchisee satisfaction.

Our executive team and staff have a combined 250+ years of experience. Our CEO, John Teza, is a 25-year franchise industry veteran who brings to Hand & Stone franchise leadership experience having successfully grown other national franchise brands.

Hand & Stone location growth over the last 15 years*

growth rate *includes Canadian spas

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Table #7*
Corporate Spa Average Revenue and Expenses for Fourteen(14) Subsidiary Outlets for the Calendar Year 2023



#/% Attaining or Exceeding Average


Gross Sales $2,156,024 $1,947,740 6 and 42.9% $1,259,152 / $3,422,872
Labor and Benefit Costs $997,807 $968,703 6 and 42.9% $623,232 / $1,511,219
Occupancy Costs $141,054 $136,070 6 and 42.9% $99,637 / $180,255
Royalties/National Marketing $149,083 $136,342 6 and 42.9% $88,141 / $239,601
Other Operating Costs $384,143 $358,557 5 and 35.7% $292,465 / $581,548

*See Item 19 of Hand and Stone Franchise, LLC’s Franchise Disclosure Document issued on April 12, 2024 (the “FDD”) for more information and important assumptions and qualifiers, including relating to these figures and other historical financial performance information. Your results may differ from this information and the information included in Item19 of the FDD. There are no assurances you will do as well.

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  • Erik comes from a long line of franchisees, and sought after a brand that he could get excited about. He is a multi-unit franchisee across two states. ...

    Erik Bostrom Multi-Unit Franchisee - Denver & Minneapolis
  • Chanel is a multi-unit, multi- brand franchisee alongside her mother and her sister. Her business portfolio focused on health and wellness ventures, ...

    Chanel Grant Multi-Unit Franchisee - Maryland & Virginia
  • After 25 years in the Air Force, Lorine and her business partner were ready for the next step in their career. As she was getting ready to open her ...

    Lorine Grosso Single Unit Franchisee - Colorado Springs
  • After managing spas in Pennsylvania, Lisa and her business partner decided to take their business to Las Vegas. Lisa’s favorite part of being a Hand & ...

    Lisa Mascari Multi-Unit Franchisee - Las Vegas, NV

Table #1C
Average Gross Sales for All Outlets by Year of Opening
Open 12 months or more
Calendar Year 2023

Opening Year

2023 Subsidiary & Franchised Outlets

2023 Average Gross

Number & % Above/Below Average

2023 Median Gross Sales

2023 Min/Max Gross Sales

2023 Average Members

Number & % Above/Below Average

2008 and Prior 20 $2,014,638 Above: 7 or 35%
Below: 13 or 65%
$1,793,669 Min:957,379
1,674 Above: 6 or 30%
Below: 14 or 70%
2009 7 $2,152,800 Above: 2 or 29%
Below: 5 or 71%
$1,934,878 Min:1,454,447
1,733 Above: 3 or 43%
Below: 4 or 57%
2010 9 $2,077,892 Above: 4 or 44%
Below: 5 or 56%
$1,886,187 Min:1,163,272
1,787 Above: 4 or 44%
Below: 5 or 56%
2011 23 $1,820,269 Above: 10 or 43%
Below: 13 or 57%
$1,728,752 Min: 946,479
1,524 Above: 10 ог 43%
Below: 13 or 57%
2012 25 $1,701,145 Above: 11 or 44%
Below: 14 or 56%
$1,561,838 Min:724,380
1,388 Above: 11 or 44%
Below: 24 or 56%
2013 43 $1,493,425 Above: 19 or 44%
Below: 24 or 56%
$1,382,780 Min:612,104
1,222 Above: 19 or 44%
Below: 24 or 56%
2014 49 $1,520,733 Above: 210 or 42%
Below: 28 or 57%
$1,342,425 Min:572,929
1,244 Above: 18 or 37%
Below: 31 or 63%
2015 55 $1,461,140 Above: 22 or 40%
Below: 33 or 60%
$1,363,412 Min:445,485
1,182 Above: 20 or 36%
Below: 35 or 64%
2016 47 $1,557,537 Above: 19 or 40%
Below: 28 or 60%
$1,411,497 Min:535,716
1,256 Above: 18 or 38%
Below: 29 or 62%
2017 40 $1,417,943 Above: 18 or 45%
Below: 22 or 55%
$1,387,094 Min:603,830
1,149 Above: 15 or 38%
Below: 25 or 63%
2018 46 $1,304,713 Above: 18 or 39%
Below: 28 or 61%
$1,247,896 Min:579,008
1,022 Above: 19 or 41%
Below: 27 or 59%
2019 47 $1,107,117 Above: 20 or 43%
Below: 27 or 57%
$1,023,462 Min:316,278
857 Above: 18 or 38%
Below: 29 or 62%
2020 28 $1,123,365 Above: 12 or 43%
Below: 16 pr 57%
$999,356 Min:575,141
851 Above: 13 or 46%
Below: 15 or 54%
2021 19 $792,952 Above: 9 or 47%
Below: 10 or 53%
$760,724 Min:313,904
595 Above: 7 or 37%
Below: 12 or 63%
2022 40 $689,944 Above: 18 or 45%
Below: 22 or 55%
$643,293 Min:280,116
495 Above: 17 or 43%
Below: 23 or 58%
Total 498 1,391,448 Above: 210 or 42%
Below: 288 or 58%
1,292,188 Min:280,116
1,118 Above: 198 or 40%
Below: 300 or 60%
Hand and Stone employee talking to customer

Recurring Revenue Streams

Hand & Stone positions itself not as a luxury service, but as an integral part of a health and wellness routine. Though we offer one-time and walk-in visits, a large part of our revenue stream is from recurring customers who join our membership program. This membership-based model creates a recurring revenue stream that fuels scalability for our franchisees.

Our membership program includes:

  • Nationwide access to spas
  • Regular promotions
  • Discounts on services and gift cards
  • Discounts on service upgrades and products

In addition to our membership incentives, we also offer non-member services that include enhancements and upgrades and sell retail products. The diversity in our modalities allows a diversity of revenue. Our model provides for a “lifestyle program” where revenue is generated in the treatment room, at the front desk, from the product center, and even online.

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Advanced Technology & Unique Service Offerings

Hand & Stone sets ourself apart from our competitors by offering advanced skincare and spa services that incorporate new technologies. By staying at the forefront of the market and offering such a wide range of services, our franchise owners will always be able to offer exciting new service offerings before our competitors.

Our advanced technology includes:

  • Decompression therapy massage
  • DiamondGlow® facial
  • NuFACE microcurrent facial
  • Percussive therapy massage
  • LED phototherapy facial
  • CBD enhanced massages

Our mobile application offers a seamless customer experience for online booking, upgrading massages and facial services, and earning rewards points. Hand & Stone’s Loyalty Rewards Program is yet another way we provide savings and deals to our customers to keep them coming back.

We also offer the best technology for our owners and their team. We use Zenoti, the #1 cloud-based POS software for spas, Microsoft management, which provides real-time data management, and One Huddle, which makes training employees easy for you and fun for them. We employ an advanced business intelligence tool that provides our franchise owners with access to real-time performance data for their spas and team members.

Spa associate with customer

Extensive Start-Up & Ongoing Support

The success of our company as a whole is dependent upon the success of our individual franchise owners. That’s why we always set up our new owners with everything they need to begin and enjoy continued success. The Hand & Stone team is always here to support you before, during, and after your opening.

Some areas where we offer support include:

  • Design and construction
  • Education and training
  • Field operations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Recruiting
  • Real estate
  • Financing

Our spa franchise development team will always be by your side and happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Full-Service Advertising & Comprehensive Training

Hand & Stone wants to ensure that you always have customers flowing through your doors and is proud to offer our franchisees full marketing support. HSM Advertising, our full-service, in-house advertising agency, will implement an advanced marketing strategy that consists of:

  • Planning
  • Creative and graphic design services
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media

You’ll be able to focus on daily operations while we handle getting people into your spa. Our team will also train you on everything you need to know to run your business – and handle everything you don’t. Before your opening day, our comprehensive training program will make sure you are equipped to seamlessly operate your spa from day one. To learn more, visit our Training & Support page.

A Stress-Free Business Opportunity

Our spa and massage franchise offers a unique opportunity to provide relaxing experiences for others while embracing a balanced lifestyle for yourself. Financial freedom should never be a luxury. With Hand & Stone, you can build an exciting future – all while helping others indulge in much-needed and often-overlooked self-care. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, explore the Our Industry and Investment pages.

If you have questions or would like to speak with our franchise development team, give us a call at (888) 627-7243.

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