How This Mother-Daughter Trio Exemplifies Franchising Excellence

Toya Evans and her daughters, Chanel Grant and Lauren Williamson, are some of Hand & Stone’s most impactful franchisees and are on the road to building a multi-generational legacy of business ownership centered on supporting healthy lifestyles. With their extraordinary performance, both within Hand & Stone and with other franchise businesses, they are a prime example of how to use family bonds to lay the foundation for successful business ventures.

When they first set out on their franchising endeavors, the three women came together with a common commitment to collaboration, mutual respect, and shared values. With Toya having grown up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, the family knew their mission was to enrich underserved communities and bring brands to those areas that prioritize health and wellbeing. Throughout the nearly 10 years since they opened their first franchise business, they have remained steadfast in holding themselves to that commitment.

After opening their first franchise in 2015, which was a quick service restaurant serving healthy smoothies, sandwiches and other quick bites, the trio decided they wanted to expand their portfolio further into the health and wellness space. This is where Hand & Stone comes in. What attracted them most to the brand was its proven business model, extensive franchisee support and training, and the innovative wellness services the brand offered. For those who may not be familiar, the Hand & Stone business model is membership-based, which was attractive to the women because it creates a recurring revenue stream that fuels scalability for expanded business operations. 

Opening a new business can, of course, be daunting, but Hand & Stone works to make it as easy of an experience as possible. Their highly experienced team of professionals provide extensive support and comprehensive training to prepare franchisees for spa ownership, from real estate selection and financing to the menu of services available for customers. Hand & Stone prides itself on pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation, which is something their franchise owners are often most captivated by. The brand has a suite of spa services like body contouring, NuFace, DiamondGlow, and more, that allow for franchise owners and their service providers to create tailored regimens for their customers. Such customizable experiences keep guests coming back for more.

It has been their dedication to making health and wellness services more accessible in their communities that has been a driving force behind the trio’s success. It is of the utmost importance to them and their family that they contribute positively to the people and communities around them. They don’t just do this through their business ventures but also by being active members of their community, getting to know their neighbors and what they hope for from existing and new businesses coming into the area. The women are members of many organizations and groups like the National Franchise Council and National Marketing Committee. They also often partner with local groups including schools and radio stations to serve those in need, helping to coordinate various fundraisers such as providing free massages for people in local churches and shelters and charitable initiatives to assist families who need support during the holiday season as well as adopting teenagers in need. Local organizations the trio has supported include Delta Research Foundation, Bowie Community Theatre, the National Council of Negro Women, and more. Additionally, amid pandemic-related shutdowns of businesses, they worked with the Business Recovery Program in Bowie, Maryland to host a roundtable session on how to pivot your business and thrive.  

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