How Hand & Stone Services Combat Cold Weather

As the weather cools down, we may begin to notice some changes. And no, we aren’t just talking about the leaves! Cold weather has an effect on our bodies – our skin gets dry, our joints get stiff, and the chance of getting sick increases. Luckily, all of these things can be combated with regular massages and facials.

Facials for Skin Hydration

Cold temperatures mean there is less humidity in the air, and consequently, less moisture for our bodies to absorb, leading to dry and cracked skin. The cold also decreases circulation, which results in facial redness and skin rashes (Innoaesthetics). Those with existing conditions like eczema or rosacea might suffer the most, and all the work put into keeping your skin clear and moisturized can be negated by one frigid, windy day.

As a child, you may have had Vaseline smeared on your cheeks in the winter to prevent windburn and dry skin. Fortunately, we’ve evolved past the petroleum jelly treatment, and Hand & Stone offers a number of moisturizing facials to keep your skin hydrated even during the coldest winter days. Our Hydrating Facial uses products from ClarityRx to improve your skin’s elasticity, restore the moisture barrier and improve texture and tone. We also recommend the Rejuvenating Facial, which targets dull and dehydrated skin. Not only do these facials prevent dry skin in the winter, but they aid in recovery from summer sun exposure.

This fall we also introduced a seasonal Pumpkin Facial, featuring the Peel Away the Years Pumpkin Enzymatic Mask from ClarityRx. This facial contains pumpkin seed extract that helps to boost cell turnover and remove dead skin cells while stimulating the production of new and healthy cells. Plus, it gives you that dose of pumpkin to get you in the autumn mood!

Massages for Circulation & Joint Health

We know that cold affects our skin, but what about the rest of our bodies? When we are exposed to lower temperatures, our blood vessels shrink, leading to slower blood circulation and less oxygen flow to the bloodstream (AZ Central). Not only does this cause muscle and joint stiffness, but poor circulation can even go so far as to increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Thankfully, getting massages can increase blood flow, improve joint mobility, reduce inflammation, and relieve muscle tension (Gentle Therapies). We recommend any of our massages, but our standard Swedish Massage is our most popular, and it’s perfect for massage newbies or anyone who wants a normal routine to keep themselves healthy.

Hand & Stone also recently introduced Decompression Therapy, which is similar to the “cupping” method. This technique is perfect for combating the effects of cold weather, as it improves circulation, relieves muscle discomfort, enhances lymphatic flow, and supports deep tissue healing. Unlike standard cupping methods, our decompression therapy won’t leave marks on your skin, but will still give you the same therapeutic results.

Massages for Immune Health

As flu season approaches and we continue to reel from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are extra careful about not getting sick. Massage can actually improve our immune health in addition to our physical health. It helps in some of the more obvious ways, such as a decrease in stress levels and improved sleep patterns, but a study also found that “those who received Swedish massages had an increase of lymphocytes, a white blood cell that plays a large role in defending the body from diseases,” (Cedars-Sinai). So if you’re looking for that extra immune boost to add to your routine this winter, look no further!

Whether your focus is on keeping your skin moisturized, your body flexible, or your immune system up, facials and massages are the perfect way to balance yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle during the winter months. To book a massage or facial and protect yourself from the cold weather as it approaches, call your local Hand & Stone or book online at handandstone.com.