Hand & Stone Operations Team Meets In-Person for the First Time in Two Years

The Operations Team met this week at the home office for the first time as a team of 24. Flying in from 13 states, many of us were meeting face to face for the first time, and in some cases, after working with each other for over two years now! We all met for a dinner the night prior to our meetings where there were many hugs given, laughs shared, and pictures taken. It was a great way to connect before getting to business.

The next day (Wednesday) we met at the Corporate Offices, where the first order of business was a tour of the office for the new team members. (Office employees were also given a warning during the tour of the amount of noise that would be coming from the training room throughout the day!). It was great for so many to put faces to the names in the email signatures. And we’re not quite sure why there is a PreSkool children’s slide in Sam & Nicole’s office. . .

Team leaders Meghan Lally, Bethany Jessee, Melissa Drew, Brooke Culver and Sebrina Hawkins started the morning by leading the Franchise Operations Consultants (FOCs) in small group breakouts, each covering a topic that focused on different support topics; Executing Effective Support Calls, Increasing Membership Net Gain, In-Spa Spa Associate Training, and more! It was a time for the Franchise Operations Consultants to get some best practices and work through challenges.

The afternoon brought a tasty lunch and a pre-organized Crystal Exchange! We’re all about the good vibes on this team, so we wanted to share a widely common passion with one another.

The afternoon breakout sessions are where some creative juices really started to flow. The FOCs were put into groups to create action plans for different scenarios that we’re facing in the chain. This is where the leaders wanted to see the FOCs work together to develop new and innovative ideas and action plans that could be executed internally and then some that could be deployed on the spa level. Each group then got to present their plans to the team and were even scored (all in good fun!) on their ideas. It was a great way for the team to work together, face to face, and learn from one another.

Field Operations Consultants live a different office life, one out on the road, so coming together was a real treat and stimulated some stronger relationships and idea sharing!