Stephanie Newton's Hand & Stone Story - July Employee Spotlight

Having grown up in New Jersey, of course I knew who Hand & Stone was. I had previously been in a humbling position when I said out loud, “I wish I worked for a spa!” and manifested the idea over a short few years when I finally stumbled upon Hand & Stone. I was in search of an opportunity that would allow me the ability to expand upon my background in Operations when I met my team leader, Kris Smith, who would patiently show me the ropes in the Real Estate Department. Having experienced peaks and valleys in my prior professional years, I had a solid inclination that my new home at Hand & Stone would consist of more peaks than ever before.

Over the course of seven years, I’ve enjoyed learning something new every day. Throughout the real estate process and having played a part in planning three annual conferences (have you registered yet?), I am honored to work with a variety of franchisees across the United States. I love the process of forming working relationships and friendships. I take my role personally and would never recommend someone do something I wouldn’t do myself. As Director of Real Estate, I understand that I am involved in a very important investment that can only be made once, so I take my role very seriously. And as it turns out, the lease negotiations process has become one of my favorite milestones, something I did not initially expect!

As I guide franchisees from site selection, to initial and lease negotiations, communicating with cities, attorneys, and lenders, not only do I work diligently to ensure franchisees strike the best possible opportunity to set their business up for success, but these responsibilities have translated into my personal life; I’ve evolved as a speaker, negotiator, and even as a friend to others seeking advice on various topics. I hope I have the opportunity to officially wear the shoes of a franchisee one day, but for now, I continue to soak up learning opportunities as my team continues to support others in obtaining their goals. I look forward to working with more franchisees in more and new markets across the US every day.