Lisa Rossmann's Dream Career - November Employee Spotlight

I began my Hand & Stone journey in early 2012 when company founder John Marco and then CEO Todd Leff took a chance on me, the lucky number thirteen employee. I knew from day one that I was joining the right organization at the right time. Our mission is centered on health and wellness, and in helping people look and feel their best. This statement is completely aligned with my own values and the company’s focus on skincare services was really the cherry on top. Todd gave me the job because he thought my resume was ‘unique and interesting.’ I started the first years of my career as a seasoned B2B consultant in mortgage banking and had several years’ experience working on building and maintaining business relationships. In 2009 I decided to make a career 180-degree switch when I abandoned that field to follow my dreams and become a licensed skincare professional.

I started out as a Regional Operations Manager and then in 2015, asked Todd if I could spend extra time helping build our skincare business with some regional training efforts. The results were extraordinary, and I knew this was my true calling. In 2016, I transitioned my role to focus entirely on helping our franchisees build the skincare program into the industry powerhouse it has become today. Over the last seven years, we have created and launched several product and service innovations that are cohesive with our facial strategy to deliver high-end results at an affordable price. Our intent is to engage and excite consumers with optionality during their skincare services and deliver celebrity-style skin. I am truly living out the career I dreamed up in my mind, and it started by following my gut instinct in exploring something a bit different than the original ‘career plan.’

Over the years, I’ve taken on additional responsibility, including working with our talented massage team to oversee service development and training, and I’ve also gotten back into general operations by overseeing our front desk training program.

Overall, our company culture is rooted in stories of empowerment and abundance. You won’t find a friendlier, more collegial group of franchisees who are always willing to exchange stories of success, and ones of failure, too. Those are also great learning opportunities!

This company has had the most significant impact on my life, and I am forever grateful to John and Todd for selecting me for that Operations role. My hope is to continue to make a meaningful impact on the organization, in a collaborative way with our franchisees.